What Is Organizational Design?

What is organizational design? How can you optimize your company's structure and workflow? Get answers with Worklytics.

4 New Ways to Model Work

We’re excited to share 4 new ways that we’re modeling how work gets done.

How to Use Employee Survey Data to Make Your Company More Efficient

Learn how to transform employee survey insights into strategic initiatives and actions that boost efficiency and engagement for your business.

What Is Employee Disengagement?

Explore the causes and effects of employee disengagement and gain insight into how to re-engage your workforce effectively.

How to Build a Data Driven Workplace

Creating an effective work culture requires the right data. Build a better workplace with real-time data from your tech stack, all while protecting privacy.

A Better Way to Retain and Develop Top Employees

People analytics makes it possible to understand and optimize the employee experience, improve retention and cultivate internal mobility. Here’s how.

The Benefits of People Analytics in Enterprise

Five key value propositions for People Analytics at the enterprise level, from operational efficiencies to employee engagement and retention.

How to Measure Leadership Performance (with real data)

Augment traditional leadership metrics with new and holistic KPIs to better measure and enhance how leaders shape work culture and business success.

Manager Effectiveness: 5 Metrics That Matter More than eSat Scores

If you’re judging Manager Effectiveness based on eSat scores, you’re moving too slowly. eSat scores are lagging indicators of how it’s going. Here are 5 metrics that matter more than eSat scores if you're looking to more effectively lead your team.

Manager Effectiveness: It's Time for a New Playbook

The pandemic fundamentally changed what it means to be a good team manager. Dive into 3 key shifts in modern management effectiveness in 2024.

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