Manager Effectiveness: It's Time for a New Playbook

The pandemic fundamentally changed what it means to be a good manager. Here, we did into 3 shifts that have upended our thinking on what good managers should & shouldn't do.

What Drives Quiet Quitting

While fears of widespread Quiet Quitting appear to be overblown, employee disengagement appears to be more concentrated in certain areas than others – suggesting that certain common factors such as leadership, culture, or work type may be driving Quiet Quitting behaviors.

Developer Experience: A Developer-Centric Approach to Productivity

Instead of fixating on developer output, we should focus on identifying the fundamental components of a productive development team and work environment. Solving this requires a different approach—a focus on optimizing the developer experience. This approach aims to understand the day-to-day experience of developers and the various friction points they may encounter at work.

Using ONA to Find Optimal Team Size

When you flatten an organization, you’re increasing manager span with the intent to decrease decision-making time. With fewer layers of approval, the assumption is that work gets done faster. But with more direct reports, manager span is stretched, which may degrade the quality of the work. So how do you strike a balance between speed and span? Here’s what the data tell us.

Worklytics Benchmarks: See How You Compare

"Is this normal?" We get asked that a lot. With Worklytics Benchmarks, you'll see how your company compares to peers across key metrics like time spent in meetings, workday span, collaboration habits, and more.

5 Metrics that Matter More than Badge Swipes:  How to Get Return-to-Office Right

Attendance alone doesn't tell you much about the effectiveness of your return-to-office policy. If you want to get RTO right, here are 5 metrics that matter more than badge swipes.

The Worklytics Approach to Employee Privacy

Employee trust is one of your organization’s most precious assets. Before you work with any data partner, you’ll want to evaluate how they’ll impact your employees’ trust in the organization. Here’s how we approach employee trust & privacy at Worklytics.

Meetings Are Killing Your Company

Nothing kills productivity like a meeting-driven culture. Here are 7 things you can do to combat meeting bloat and reclaim your calendar.

Activity Avalanche: How Return-to-Office Is Impacting Collaboration

Earlier this year, Michael Arena cautioned us to be wary of an oncoming “activity avalanche” stemming in large part from return-to-office mandates. From what we’re seeing in work data, the deluge is here. Welcome to a period of Peak Collaboration. Here's what you need to know.

There's A Better Way to Use Slack

Chances are, you're using Slack wrong. Here are the 7 most common mistakes that we see teams making on Slack & what you should do instead.

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