Avoid Burnout & 
Promote Wellbeing

Employee well-being is harder to promote in a remote or hybrid work environment. Back-to-back meetings, lack of 1-on-1s, and diminished focus time are all hallmarks of remote work and is also correlated to burnout.

Our solution helps companies understand risks to employee mental health in their current work environment as well as address any negative trends promptly.

Transparency into
Work-Life balance

Understand the typical workday cadence within the organization, and the work-related distractions that prevent focus time, lead to exhaustion and hinder effectiveness.

Identify underlying drivers

Deep analysis with leading indicators on team well-being to help you counter burnout and address key factors behind any negative trends.

Real-time Intelligence

Composite metrics across all collaboration tools so companies take holistic actions to retain talent and proactively mitigate any risks.

Inclusion and Belonging

Comprehensive Network Intelligence that goes beyond the usual HR metrics and identifies factors that help employees’ sense of belonging, such as network strength and influence.


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