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Our mission is to help companies unlock the power of anonymous work data to improve employee experience without compromising privacy. Our technology stack is built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind.

Worklytics Proxy Anonymizes All Data

Learn how we use technology to completely anonymize all data at the source

Private Data (PII)

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Privacy Protected.

Worklytics protects employee privacy in multiple ways. Any personal identifiers within the data are stripped automatically when it is first ingested and any analyses provided back are only at the group/team level (with a minimum group size of 8). Our data never tracks individual activity of any sort.

No Content Analyzed. Ever.

Worklytics does not process or store any work or message content whatsoever. We use “exahust data” to understand workflow and collaboration activity. We do not perform any semantic analysis of content or ever access the substance of any messages, emails, documents or similar.

Improving Employee Experience

Worklytics is focused on improving people’s day to day work lives. We do not track individual employee activity or attempt to measure productivity in any way nor do we even think this is possible to do.

Only Work Data

Worklytics only analyzes work data in company SaaS tools. We do not access nor allow processing of any personal employee data such as internet history or any other activity outside of those tools.

Ensuring GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Worklytics is GDPR & CCPA ready, and assists with compliance by ensuring that we never transfer PII from our customers’ servers.

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