Sales Performance & Effectiveness

Track, Analyze, and Improve Sales Team Productivity and Engagement

Leverage sales activity data from sales tools such as your CRM, email, calendar, Zoom and Slack to analyze how sales reps allocate their time both internally and with customers. Uncover whether roles including BDRs, SDRs, Account Executives, Account Managers and RevOps spend the right balance of time on internal training and preparation as opposed to customer outreach, sales calls and meetings.

Learn how sales team dynamics and working habits influence sales results and boost sales productivity by copying best practices from your most successful teams to those that need more support. Save time by passively collecting sales activity data in real-time and automating sales dashboards and reporting.

Actionable Sales Activity Metrics and Dashboards

Automatically capture and report on in-depth sales activity data on sales meetings, number of calls, email campaigns, internal training and more.

Power sales effectiveness dashboards to easily track leading indicators of sales performance, efficiency and process. Support custom reports in tools like Tableau, PowerBI, Looker and Salesforce.

Use real-time activity metrics to actively measure and report improvements in productivity as they happen.

Productivity & Performance Drivers

Perform driver analyses to identify leading behavioral indicators of sales success. Highlight the behaviors and sales strategies common in the top 10% of your sales organization to learn from and copy these to the rest of the organizations.Help sales reps spend less time on low impact sales activity, which does not drive value, and more on effective ways to boost sales productivity.

Help your sales force analyze and identify important drivers in over 100 different sales behaviors including response times to customers, selling time, internal support and networks, manager and stakeholder involvement, channels used, frequency and volume of customer contact, and more!

Sales Team Capacity

Analyze workflow and activity within your sales organization to under workload and whether particular groups are under-capacity and not receiving enough leads of over-capacity and struggling to deal with lead volume.

Use data to track these trends in real-time and react quickly when sales opportunities need to be shifted to other parts of the organization to ensure a healthy work-life balance for sales reps and a great experience for prospective clients and customers.

Burnout & Wellbeing

Understand factors that lead to burnout within your sales organization and create a better workplace for sales reps, RevOps and sales executives. Use sales activity data to highlight and adjust sales workload to ensure optimal allocation of sales leads and accounts to reps at various levels.

Boost engagement within the sales organization and retain key sales talent by using data to identify bottlenecks and better support sales team members.

Measure & Report Improvements in Productivity

Uncover how sales activity relates to results and then track key performance indicators to see how they trend over time across your sales organization. Leverage sales activity data from tools like Email, Calendar, Zoom and Salesforce to highlight how your sales teams spend time, identify potential bottlenecks and define clear action plans to fix them.

Use real-time data to track the impact of these interventions and quickly adjust them as necessary to ensure teams focus on activity that drives leads to better results.

Benchmark metrics against other similar organizations to quickly identify outliers and areas of opportunity for performance improvement in your sales organization.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Leverage data on work to identify hidden bias and highlight opportunities for inclusion within your sales organizations. Highlight if certain groups are excluded from key meetings, given fewer opportunities to connect with key prospects or face difficulty garnering internal support from important internal leader and peer networks.

Use real-time data to track KPIs for inclusion and quickly identify actions to promote a more equitable and inclusive sales organization.  

Analyze Sales Leadership and Manager Effectiveness

Analyze how sales leaders and managers spend time with their teams and what impact this has on whether reps achieve sales goals.  For instance, do your sales managers regularly join sales calls and does this impact outcomes such as sales cycle length and close rates or how much time do leaders spend on sales coaching to improve sales performance?

Dive into how well managers support the well being of their teams. Including attending regular 1:1s with team members, promoting a healthy work-life balance and support personal growth.

Build a Better Workplace for Sales Reps and RevOps

Leverage existing data to analyze and improve how your sales team functions in order to boost productivity, egangement and performance.

Productivity & Performance

Boost productivity and performance by understanding how your sales team spends time and removing unnecessary bottlenecks.

Burnout & Wellbeing

Improve the day-to-day experience of sales reps, SDRs and RevOps by better understanding work-life balance, manager support and more.

Engagement & Satisfaction

Create a happy and engaged sales organization by identifying and removing points of friction in the every day lives of sales reps.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Promote an sales environment and includes a wide range of people and perspectives.

Leadership & Culture

Guide sales managers and other leaders on how to better support their sales teams in order to achieve sales goals.

Retention & Turnover

Boost retention of key sales employees by better identifying points of frustration and dealing with them before they become bigger challenges.


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