Measure & Report on ONA

Data & Analytics Tool for Organizational Network Analysis

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a powerful tool that uncovers informal communication patterns, identifies key influencers, highlights silos and fosters collaboration. By mapping out interactions within a company, ONA enhances productivity, innovation, and employee engagement. It supports effective change management, talent development, and strategic alignment, driving overall organizational success.

Worklytics makes it easy to gather passive ONA data about collaboration in corporate tools like Slack, Office 365, Email and Calendar as work happens across your organization. Our platform ensures data is gathered in a secure and compliant manner and that employee privacy is protected by anonymizing data at the source before analysis.

Simplify ONA Data Collection & Anonymization

Easily build passive ONA datasets using Worklytics' pre-built data connectors for 25+ common work and collaboration platforms including Slack, Google Workspace, Office 365, Teams and more. Generate ONA graphs to analyze collaboration networks going back in time as much as 3 years into historical records within corporate tools in order to understand long term patterns in collaboration.

Automatically anonymize or pseudonymize data in order to protect employee privacy, secure data and ensure compliance. Leverage pseudonyms to combine data with other sources including HR data for segmentation and driver analyses.

Generate Enterprise-Scale Insights & Analysis

Worklytics' platform continuously analyzes collaboration network graphs and generates a series of metrics to describe ways of work across teams in your organization. Get quick access to common ONA metrics including in-degree, out-degree, eigen-centrality, betweenness-centrality and more.

Generate network datasets to identify different levels of networks within your organization including informal social networks, networks within leadership, project networks and more. Highlight how networks differ across different channels including surfacing Slack networks, email networks, sales team networks in Salesforce and developer networks in tools like Github and JIRA.
Help your sales force analyze and identify important drivers in over 100 different sales behaviors including response times to customers, selling time, internal support and networks, manager and stakeholder involvement, channels used, frequency and volume of customer contact, and more!

Enable Data-Driven Dashboards & Reporting

Easily build dashboards and reports that highlight patterns in collaborative networks using real-time ONA data and derived metrics. Update reports and visuals as collaborative networks evolve to understand the impact of organizational design changes and interventions. Fast track your change management initiatives by having clear visibility into their impact and the ability to identify weaknesses and react without having to wait for annual surveys.

Benchmark Your ONA Metrics to Similar Companies

Use our ONA benchmark to compare how your organizations collaborative networks form an evolve relative to other organizations in the industry. Understand where and how your organizational networks differ from other organizations to reinforce strengths and learn from weaknesses.

Compare network density, size and other features for a variety of roles within your organization including individual contributors, managers, executive leaders, technical team, sales roles and more. Learn how typical networks differ between roles and what ideal healthy networks should look like.

Identify Bottlenecks & Organizational Silos

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is an invaluable tool for identifying silos and bottlenecks within a company. By mapping out communication and collaboration patterns, ONA reveals areas where information flow is restricted and where departments or teams operate in isolation. This visibility helps leaders pinpoint specific nodes or connections causing delays or inefficiencies.

Understanding these dynamics enables targeted interventions to improve information sharing, foster cross-functional collaboration, and break down barriers between departments. By addressing silos and bottlenecks, organizations can enhance overall productivity, innovation, and agility, ensuring a more cohesive and efficient working environment.

Facilitate Internal Mobility & Succession Planning in HR

Leverage ONA to identify key influencers and knowledge holders within your company. By mapping relationships and collaboration patterns, uncover hidden talent pools, enhancing internal mobility and succession planning. Ensure critical roles are filled by capable employees already well-integrated into your organization's network.

Actionable Analytics with ONA

Leverage existing data to analyze and improve how your team functions in order to boost productivity, engagement and performance.

Productivity & Performance

Uncover collaboration patterns and information flow within teams and identify common inefficiencies and barriers. Provide actionable insights, to help employees optimize workflows, enhance communication, and improve resource allocation in order to boost team productivity and performance.

Burnout & Wellbeing

Identify workload distribution and collaboration patterns, revealing potential stress points and overburdened employees. By accessing insights into these dynamics, organizations can proactively address burnout, enhance employee wellbeing, and create a more balanced, supportive work environment conducive to sustained productivity and health.

Engagement & Healthy Collaboration

Highlight common employee interactions and collaboration networks and identify engagement levels and connectivity gaps. Provide actionable insights, to help foster a more cohesive work environment, enhancing employee engagement and promoting healthy collaboration.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Reveal patterns in employee interactions, highlighting potential biases and unequal access to information and opportunities. By mapping these key relationships, organizations can promote inclusion, ensuring all employees have equal opportunities to contribute, grow, and succeed within a fair and inclusive workplace.

Culture & Change Management

Map employee interactions and collaboration patterns, providing insights into cultural dynamics and resistance points. Effectively manage change by identifying key influencers to facilitate smoother communication, and ensure alignment with organizational values, fostering a resilient and adaptable workplace culture.

Retention & Turnover

Identify at-risk employees and turnover contagion by mapping relationship patterns and communication flows. By pinpointing key influencers and areas of disengagement, ONA provides actionable insights to improve retention strategies, reduce turnover, and create a more stable, engaged workforce, enhancing overall organizational health.


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