Generate actionable
insights from work data while protecting privacy

Worklytics integrates with common applications: Google Workspace, Zoom, Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams

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Real-Time Data Shows How Work Is Getting Done

Have a hunch that something's not working quite right?

Worklytics gives you quick access to reliable, real-time collaboration data so you've got visibility into how work is getting done.
How many people work healthy workdays chart
Meeting effectiveness chart: How many teams are overloaded with meetings?
Manager metrics chart: Weeks Since Last 1on1 Meeting

The Data You Need to Work Better

Clean Data You Can Trust

Worklytics data pipelines save enterprise companies thousands of hours of data engineering time.

Actionable Metrics & Benchmarking

Over 200 metrics carefully designed & tested to model work & collaboration across a range of industries and functions.

Real-Time Reporting with Live Dashboards

Worklytics self-serve dashboards ensure actionable insights reach the right people at the right times.

Protect Employee Privacy

Analyze work and collaboration without putting people’s privacy or company data at risk.

Fully Anonymous

Learn how we anonymize employee data using the Worklytics Pseudonimization Proxy and by aggregating metrics to the group level.

Work Content Never Analyzed

Worklytics does not store or analyze any work content whatsoever. We only use exahust/log data to understand workflow and collaboration.

Improve Employee Experience

Worklytics is fully focused on improving the day-to-day work-life of employees using only anonymous work data. No creepy browser plugins or software monitoring people’s laptops.


As a Data Processor, Worklytics provides all the reporting and controls required to ensure that you are able to comply with common privacy regulation such as GDPR
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"One of the most innovative vendors around in the #PeopleAnalytics and #HRTech spaces"
David Green
People Analytics Leader & Executive Director at Insight222
"Worklytics' insights unlocked new ways of looking at collaboration and helped us to understand possible sources of burnout and inefficiency."
Christine Schmidt
Head of People Analytics at Cruise
“…Worklytics is identifying great managers that are operating their teams smoothly, regularly hitting and surpassing targets and offering employees a great experience that helps them feel like they are growing.”
“The insights we receive from the tool through automated reports and survey feedback are invaluable. We highly recommend Worklytics if you care about your people.”
Clive Munro
CTO of Blue Robot

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