Predictive Leader Analytics

Measure and Report Leadership and Manager Effectiveness

Your frontline managers are one of the single biggest drivers of your company’s productivity.  But a lot of us rely on the “eye test” to try and spot who’s a good manager and who’s a struggling one.

There’s a better way. 

Using real-time behavioral data, we can identify what the best managers do differently – and how those actions impact their team’s productivity & engagement.

Leverage Live Metrics, Insights, and Dashboards

Get a real-time, holistic picture of how your frontline managers are engaging with their teams – based on data from over 20 of the most common digital work tools.    

Assess In-Office, Remote, & Hybrid Organizational Behavior

Perform driver analyses to understand what makes for an effective manager -- regardless of whether they lead an in-office, remote, or hybrid team.    

Report on Engagement, Productivity, & Performance

Arm your managers with actionable data on what they need to do to increase employee engagement, team productivity, and department performance.. 

Benchmark Manager KPIs Against Similar Companies

Is this normal?  Benchmark your managers against peers at similar companies to see how you compare..Is this normal?  Benchmark your managers against peers at similar companies to see how you compare.

Build a More Efficient Workplace for Global Teams

Leverage existing data to analyze and improve how your sales team functions in order to boost productivity, egangement and performance.

Productivity & Performance

Equip managers with tactical guidance on what they need to do to optimize team performance.

Burnout & Wellbeing

We ask our frontline managers to shoulder a lot.  Help them get time back by identifying what actions drive results – and what’s not necessary.  

Engagement & Satisfaction

Proactively support employees in the ways that drive engagement and satisfaction. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Promote an environment and includes a wide range of people and perspectives.

Leadership & Culture

Coach your managers on how to better support their teams in order to achieve their goals.

Retention & Turnover

Pinpoint which manager behaviors predict retention and which lead to attrition. 


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We've implemented an example report based on a sample of a series of real-world scenarios analyzed by our team. Take a look at the report for a detailed example of how Worklytics can arm your leaders with actionable guidance on which behaviors drive results -- and which don't.
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