Measure & Improve RTO

Report Metrics & Benchmarks with Our Return to Office Dashboard

Manage your Return to Office (RTO) programs effectively by tracking key metrics to gauge your progress and compare it against industry standards, giving you a clear view of where you stand.

Dig into data on how RTO impacts how teams work and collaborate and identify specific sources of friction. Make targeted improvements to ease the transition and enhance employee experience and overall participation.

Report Actionable RTO Metrics

Integrate data on physical presence, from employee badge systems, with insights on work and collaboration to generate comprehensive metrics that reveal how being physically present in the office affects work dynamics and team collaboration.

Analyze patterns in the correlation between onsite presence and meeting habits or team interaction rates, to provide insights into how anchor days influence employee networks and productivity.

Leverage data to optimize workspaces and collaboration strategies to boost productivity and employee satisfaction in a tangible, measurable way.

Compare KPIs Against Other Businesses

Compare your RTO metrics against a benchmark from other organizations, providing a clear perspective on how your journey compares. Learn from insights to identify areas of improvement and align with industry best practices.

Understand where you stand and make informed decisions to enhance your strategies, ensuring your RTO program is a success.

Analyze Leadership and Management Effectiveness

Leverage data to gauge how managers and leaders are adjusting to the RTO process. Analyze leadership activities and team interactions, to identify how leaders are supporting their teams during this transition.

Pinpoint where managers might need more resources or training to effectively guide their teams and implement targeted support strategies to enhance managerial effectiveness, boost team morale, and improve overall organizational performance during the RTO period.

Create a Better Experience for Employees

Enhance the employee experience by identifying and removing common points of friction in your RTO program. Delve into metrics related to facility usage, team interactions, and employee feedback to highlight areas where employees may be encountering difficulties, such as inadequate meeting rooms, Zoom facilities or inefficient collaboration practices.

By addressing these issues, you can streamline operations, improve workplace satisfaction, and foster a more supportive environment. This proactive approach not only smooths the RTO process but also cultivates a workplace where employees feel valued and productive.

Track and Enhance Success of your RTO Program

Leverage existing data to understand progress, identify points of friction and improve adoption of your Return to Office program.

Productivity & Performance

Reveal the impact of RTO on productivity and performance by identifying patterns, trends, and areas needing improvement for optimized workflow and enhanced team effectiveness.

Burnout & Wellbeing

Identify common drivers employee burnout during RTO, facilitating timely interventions to ensure well-being and maintain a healthy, balanced work environment.

Engagement & Satisfaction

Pinpoint detractors of employee engagement, enabling targeted strategies to boost morale, enhance communication, and foster a more connected and motivated workforce through RTO.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Spotlight inclusion gaps, guiding initiatives to ensure every employee feels valued and integrated, fostering a diverse and equitable workplace environment

Leadership & Culture

Provide insights on leadership impact, guiding effective strategies to cultivate strong, inclusive culture in your transition to RTO.

Retention & Turnover

Leverage data to identify retention risks, allowing targeted actions to address employee concerns, foster loyalty, and reduce turnover among key team members.


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