Software Engineering Effectiveness

A Better Way to Improve Engineering Productivity & Engagement

Leverage data from engineering and core workflow tools including Github, JIRA, Asana, Gitlab, Confluence and Google Workspace to improve employee experience and remove bottlenecks to productivity.

Data-driven Dashboards with Actionable Metrics

Build engineering dashboards to provide visibility into workflow and experience across your engineering and other collaboration organizations.

Measure & Report Developer Productivity

Boost productivity by identifying bottlenecks and drivers of self-reported velocity within your engineering organization.

Gain insight into a typical day in the life of engineers and common barriers to focus and productivity.

Benchmark & Improve Employee Experience

Build the engineering organization you need to attract and retain top engineering talent.

Learn the drivers of success on engaged engineering teams and encourage best practices across your organization.

Identify and Remove Inefficiencies

Remove bottlenecks and minimize inefficiency by optimizing how teams collaborate across channels. 

Understand which internal organizations and customers consume the most engineering time.


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