DEI People Analytics

Comprehensive Data-Driven Reporting Tool for Diversity and Inclusion

We’ve all seen the research that shows diverse teams perform better than homogenous ones.  But despite compelling data, diversity often remains an afterthought for leadership … until their business is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

When leaders get pushed to explain their diversity strategy, most point toward their hiring and recruitment efforts. But research shows that diversity alone isn’t enough.  

It’s not sufficient to hire a diverse mix of people; you must also foster an environment that’s inclusive enough for those diverse viewpoints to be exchanged effectively.

Up until now, that’s where metrics have failed us. It’s easy to quantify the diversity of a team, but it’s much more challenging to measure how inclusive that team is of diverse points of view.

We think there’s a better way. By leveraging IT metadata from places like your company email, calendar, and collaboration tools, we can analyze how work gets done in order to measure how inclusive of an environment that team has fostered.

Measure and Enhance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

- Do men have more access to senior leaders than women?
- Do underrepresented employees get as much talk time in meetings as peers?
- Do neurodiverse employees work longer hours than their neurotypical colleagues?

By combining anonymized data from your HRIS with collaboration data from your work tools, you’ll get answers.  

Report DEI Metrics with Real-Time Dashboards

Inclusion is about a lot more than just attracting and retaining diverse talent.  But those are the easiest metrics to pull, so that’s where leadership often likes to focus.

Imagine a different way.  You give leadership a real-time look into how work is getting done.  Which teams are collaborating.  And how inclusive your org is of different perspectives. 

Benchmark Inclusion & Isolation Rates

See how your organization compares to others in your industry when it comes to inclusion & isolation. 

Benchmark data will arm you with context on how your company is progressing and where you’re falling behind.  

Analyze the Effectiveness of Diversity Initiatives

Are you investing in the right initiatives to move the needle on DEI?

Real-time work data can help you measure whether your interventions are making an impact.

An Inclusive Workplace Makes a Difference

You know diverse teams deliver better outcomes for your diverse customer base.  But diversity alone isn’t enough – you need data to build an inclusive workplace that welcomes different perspectives while still getting the job done.

Productivity & Performance

Boost productivity and performance by understanding how you can build a more inclusive workplace. 

Burnout & Wellbeing

Improve the day-to-day experience of your employees by better understanding friction points. 

Engagement & Satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction by identifying isolation risks and increasing team cohesion.

Remote & Hybrid Workforce

Support your diverse, distributed teams with actionable guidance on how to optimize workflows.

Leadership & Culture

Equip your leadership team with the data they need to build an effective, inclusive workplace.

Retention & Turnover

Guard against regrettable attrition by identifying & addressing the key drivers of turnover among diverse employees.


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