Employee Networks Post-Reduction in Force/ Restructure

The most vulnerable time for a team is typically right after a round of layoffs or RIFs. Morale slips and trust in the organization falls, leading to inefficiencies in teams and higher-than-expected attrition. We combine ONA data with survey results to help companies understand which teams are at high risk for low morale/high attrition and where companies can build targeted programs

Focus Time Increases Productivity in Teams

Since the pandemic began, Focus Time has declined significantly for many of our clients. As we have been helping companies combine their survey data with their collaboration data, we are starting to see correlations that have never been measured before. One such correlation in the combined data we have consistently seen is the link between the focus time their employees have and how productive they feel.

Manager 1:1s is key to Remote or Hybrid success

Being remote or hybrid can be isolating. It’s easy to feel out of the loop and out of touch with the rest of the organization, which increases employee stress and leads to higher burnout. We are seeing one key metric that seems to be highly correlated to greater employee satisfaction: Manager 1:1s. 

Impact of Workday Length on Work-life Balance

In a recent study, we found that employees' sense of a positive work-life balance is highly correlated with the length of their workday. In fact, those who worked more than 10 hours per day were 2x as likely to report feeling like they don’t have a good work-life balance. This is often a tell-tale sign that employees may be at an increased risk of burning out.

How to adapt your Employee Listening Strategy to support Remote/Hybrid

With the rise of remote/hybrid work, managers and employees no longer have as many opportunities to communicate with their teams. This hasdriven many organizations to rethink their traditional surveys-driven employee listening strategies (active listening) by augmenting them with passive listening strategies. Learn more on how to adapt your listening strategies to the new reality.

Top 5 leading indicators of stress and burnout in remote/hybrid employees

Attrition is not the sole risk factor for stressed and burned-out employees; they also tend to demotivate and demoralize others in their wake. Taking a proactive approach is key to preventing burnout before it’s too late. We combined survey data with data on collaboration and work patterns to identify the leading indicators for burnout and take swift action to mitigate that risk. Below are 5 key metrics that correlate to burnout and are the ones we commonly see companies use to detect burnout drivers before it’s too late.

Update: The Impact of COVID-19/WFH on Work Habits

We’re now 8 or 9 weeks into social distancing, depending on where you live. For many that means we’re over 2 months into the mass scale work from home experiment. Organizations everywhere are still working to understand and react to the major implications of this change. I’ve written about how we’re using data from productivity...

What Are the Best Companies Doing to Adapt to WFH?

COVID-19 has led to an unprecedented shift to work from home (WFH) for millions of people. In large part as a result of this experience, organizations are facing growing demand from employees to support more flexible or fully remote work well beyond the pandemic. It’s clear that nearly all organizations are dealing with short term...

Measure How Your Organization is Adapting to WFH

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an incredibly stressful period for millions around the world. Beyond all of the human tragedy and suffering, the working world is also facing an unprecedented challenge with the shift of hundreds of millions of employees to work from home. A number of our customers have reached out asking us

Could Workplace Nudges Help Fix ONA's Biggest Problem?

It’s clear from the growing number of events, articles and multitude of new vendors in the space that organizational network analysis (ONA) is gaining real momentum. Josh Bersin recently called out ONA as one of the top disruptions in HR for 2020. It’s not hard to see why there is so much excitement. HR leaders...

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