Launch of New Manager Effectiveness Analysis

We are excited to unveil our new Manager Effectiveness Analysis!

As workplaces continue to evolve, in particular with the rise of distributed work, the role of managers has become more crucial than ever.

However, managers are under more pressure than ever and there are signs that all is not well. A recent study from RedThread Research reveals a concerning trend: employee perceptions of their managers have declined in recent years. Fewer employees feel their managers are helping them accomplish their work, build connections, and support their growth as effectively as before.

Worklytics' Manager Effectiveness Analysis is designed to provide organizations with in depth insight into how managers interact with and support their organizations. Empowering leaders with actionable recommendations to foster more effective and engaged teams.

The analysis reviews a variety of management practices including:

  • Regular coaching
  • Ideal 1:1 timing & manager meeting habits
  • After-hours outreach & flow interruptions
  • Co-attendance & time spent per report
  • Ability to elevate and unblock
  • Manager connectivity & network impact
  • In-person connection vs remote management
  • Capacity, overwhelm, and succession
  • Determining the optimal team size
  • Building the future leadership team
Check out the sample report for more details:

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