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Activity Analytics

Learn how your organization invests its time and identify opportunities for improvement

Code Review

Connect productivity tools & learn how your organization invests time

Worklytics analyzes data on work performed in common cloud-based productivity tools, such as Email, Office 365, Github and JIRA to provide real-time insight into how employees invest time in work and collaboration.

Compare How Teams and Departments Spend Time

Worklytics analyzes real-time behavioral data captured in productivity tools to provide an overview of how teams and departments invest their time at work.
Highlight inefficiencies and identify opportunities for improvement.

Benchmark Teams

360 Degree Feedback

Analyze Time Spent Collaborating

Capture and analyze data on communication and collaboration across all your tools to determine bottlenecks, map out knowledge centers and better understand your real organizational structure. Cut data by tool and activity types including email, chat, documentation, software development and meetings.

These companies use Worklytics to learn about their teams

Performance Review

Highlight Inefficiencies and Opportunities for Improvement

Analyze years worth of work done on code, projects and documentation to map out your teams technical competencies/skills as they evolve.

Combine & Push Data to Your Existing HRMS and Analytics Tools

Combine real-time data on employee engagement and activity with data on performance and other data from your HRMS to build indepth reports and models. Export data on engagement and activity to your existing analytics platforms.

Performance Review

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