people analytics

Build Effective Meeting & Collaboration Habits

Digital and in-person meetings can enhance collaboration and build connections. However, too many, or too few, meetings in a day can harm collaboration and hinder employee experience.

Our solutions help companies optimize meeting culture and encourage healthy collaboration across teams.

Increased Transparency

Get a comprehensive view of collaboration and meeting habits across all channels and tools. No more deciphering different dashboards and measures. Our meaningful metrics provide in-depth holistic visibility into how teams interact.

Protect against

Relying on too many collaborators or being pulled into too many meetings can be counter-productive and detrimental to employee mental health.
Measure anonymous aggregate data to ensure meeting culture promotes healthy collaboration and course-correct meeting norms, as necessary.

Team Collaboration Health

Too few 1-on-1s with peers, too many large group meetings, or too little focus time to actually work can signal employee disengagement.  
Composite metrics that include zoom, slack, and other work data provide managers with actionable insights to promote collaboration and communication.

Intelligence on Asynchronous Collaboration

Measure and Benchmark against peers to understand whether teams are effectively communicating using asynchronous collaboration tools.


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