Worklytics New Dashboard is here!

Welcome to a new way to analyze how work gets done in your organization.  

The Worklytics dashboard is a new state-of-the-art reporting and analytics platform that converts disparate data from all of your collaboration tools into easy-to-use reports.  

Simple navigation and powerful filter capabilities mean you can slice the data in any way you want, create a custom report for exactly the right team, and focus on the key topic areas that drive success for remote and hybrid teams.

Here are the top 4 reasons why we created this dashboard:

  • Time:  You and your team need to focus on how to use data to make remote and hybrid teams work together, not on how to clean up, anonymize and aggregate data.  
  • Expertise: We provide Best Practice data and benchmarks so you always know if your team is performing on par with peers.
  • Access: Customizable reports and charts mean that you can provide an in-depth look to each leader so they can make decisions appropriate for the unique workings of their teams and the team norms they have developed.
  • Deep Analysis: Look into various aspects of Remote and Hybrid teams, whether it’s around Work-Life Balance, Meeting Habits, Collaboration, Network Analytics, or Stress / Burnout.  

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