Onboarding: Sending Great Welcome Emails

This post is #1 of X in a series of Onboarding tips, to accompany the Onboarding Check-ins product that we’ve recently launched.

On each person’s first day, their manager should send out a welcome email to the relevant mailing list, introducing the person to the company, highlighting the person’s awesome background and the great impact they’re going to make. The purpose of this email is to make this person feel welcome and truly valued by the team.

The tone of this email is a clear opportunity to set and reinforce your culture. Make it authentic and reflective of the team, manager, and company.

Take some time and do your research, so the introduction is personal and thorough. What are the person’s hobbies and interests? What cool open source projects have they worked on in the past? Did they do some crazy esoteric research in college?

Use BCC. You don’t need hundreds of one-liner replies being blasted to the company - but of course you do want teammates and colleagues welcoming the person.

Include a link to their Twitter, GitHub, and/or LinkedIn profile. Dozens of new connections is a great way to reinforce the person’s bond to a new company and help broadcast your company to their potential network of referrals.

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