Manager 1:1s Are Key to Remote or Hybrid Success

Being remote or hybrid can be isolating. It’s easy to feel out of the loop and out of touch with the rest of the organization. Employees often seek to overcome this isolation via increased meeting attendance as well as more frequent messaging and emails. All these efforts however have little correlation to employees actually feeling connected and engaged in the team. More meetings and more frequent messaging in fact is correlated to higher stress in employees.

We are seeing one key metric that seems to be highly correlated to greater employee satisfaction:  Manager 1:1s.  As in the case detailed below, employees who report being happiest at work have an average of 3.5 one-on-one meetings per month with their managers. Those who report much lower happiness scores have an average of 2.2 meetings per month.

We have seen consistently across various clients that this metric has a high correlation to Manager effectiveness as well. Those managers that co-attend meetings also have a great impact on employee NPS, and its particularly more impactful for more junior employees or individual contributors.

Interestingly, often we see that Manager 1:1s seem to have dropped post-pandemic, with many managers opting to just co-attend with their teams. While fewer meetings are overall better for all employees, managers tend to have bigger impact if they switch out some of their meetings with 1:1s with their teams

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