Focus Time Increases Productivity in Teams

An interesting trend we’re seeing is the importance of Focus Time and its impact on productivity within teams.

Since the pandemic began, Focus Time has declined significantly for many of our clients. As we have been helping companies combine their survey data with their collaboration data, we are starting to see correlations that have never been measured before. One such correlation in the combined data we have consistently seen is the link between focus time their employees have and how productive they feel. Combining both survey and collaboration data also allows us to dig in further on drivers behind the sentiment.

The case detailed below is specific to how much focus time employees have and their reported productivity.

Those who reported higher productivity had an average of 4.4 hours of focus time. Those who did not feel productive had an average of 2.7 hours of focus time. The combination of these two data sets is quickly becoming the best way to support hybrid and remote populations.

Focus time drives productivity

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