Employee Networks Post-Reduction in Force (RIF)

Did you know: The most vulnerable time for a team is typically right after a round of layoffs or RIFs.

Morale slips and trust in the organization falls, leading to inefficiencies in teams and higher than expected attrition. In fact, most restructuring experts typically advise their clients to expect employee survey scores to dip by 40-50% and attrition rates 6 months after a RIF to be as high as half the layoff percentage. So a company that lays off their “bottom 10%” can expect to lose their “top 5%” in the 6 months after the layoffs.

Team morass has also proven to be contagious and spread amongst closely connected team members, further amplifying the inefficiencies.We have worked with clients over the years to identify and curtail these inefficiencies by retaining their remaining talent and normalizing attrition rates. We combine ONA data with survey results to help companies understand which teams are at high risk for low morale/high attrition and where companies can build targeted programs to better communicate, connect and enable organizational cohesion.

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