Are you scheduling too many meetings?

I wrote a previous post about the danger of meeting-driven cultures and how to avoid them. At Worklytics one of our main goals is to help people and teams optimize how they spend their time at work. A key part of this is understanding how much time people spend in meetings and how this impacts their productivity. To help you better analyze this, Worklytics includes a number of reports on meetings scheduled in tools like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

Once you connect Outlook or Google Cal, you can do the following:

  • Graph counts of meetings attended & created by Team or Person, per week
  • See the number of hours spent in meetings by Team or Person, per week
  • See a daily timeline of activity to get a sense for how meetings impact daily routines
  • Who you meet with is factored into our Top Collaborators algorithms, which are used to suggest who should give you feedback on your work.
  • Gather feedback on meetings people created in Weekly Checkins or 360 reviews

To gather insights on meetings and their impact on productivity in your company sign-up to try Worklytics.

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