Onboard New Hires With Worklytics Checkins

Today, we’re rolling out a Checkins product specifically to help teams gather feedback and keep track of new people on the team.

Getting new developers up to speed quickly is tough. Too often, we depend on people to just be proactive and figure things out. If they don’t, we’re left to ask ourselves - does this person just not have what it takes? Or did we not do enough to support them? The only way to tell the difference is to do a deep dive into the work they’ve been doing and ask their peers.

Worklytics’ Checkins for Onboarding provides structure to this flow. Every week (or month, if you prefer), we send people who a new team member has been working with a request for feedback, with a form like the following:


This forms asks about ACTUAL work someone does - not just about qualitative skill - so the results are actionable feedback.

We present this feedback in a report, that provides a quick snapshot of what a person has done during the week alongside any feedback from the person or their co-workers.


Because Worklytics relies on both human feedback and data, you get a useful report - even if no peers felt the need to submit any feedback during the week.

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