Why Invest in Employee Experience?

The goal of designing a better employee experience is to create work environment that every individual finds joyful and fulfilling. Organizations that invest in building exceptional employee experiences differentiate themselves and are in a far better position to hire, develop, engage and retain the most exceptional talent.

Engaged Employees

One of the primary goals of improving employee experience is develop a highly engaged workforce. Improving employee experience leads to higher employee satisfaction and engagement as measured by surveys.

Research shows that engaged employees are more productive and tends to be more creative and likely to innovate. An exceptional employee experience is the gateway to innovation.

Successfully Onboard New Hires

Employee experience is critical at all stages of the employee lifecycle but never more so than when new hires are first ramping up in an organization. A welcoming onboarding experience essential to ensuring a successful end to the hiring process.

The first 6 months of an employee’s life in an organization is a particularly vulnerable period with typically far higher attrition rates. An exceptional employee experience will lower hiring costs and boost the success rate of new hires.

Be an Attractive Employer

A great experience leads to employees who are advocates for your organizations. These advocates help to attract top talent by sharing stories of their great experiences in your organizations.

The organizations with the best employee experience will attract the worlds best talent. Investing in your employee experience is an sure fire way to make your organization a more attractive employer and boost returns from investment in hiring.

Retain Top Talent

In today’s competitive talent market, employees have near unlimited choice when it comes to picking an employer. Organizations need to to their best to differentiate themselves or risk losing top talent to more attractive competitors.

Organizations with the best experience will the be most attractive employers and will be able to retain their key talent. Those with a poor experience will face far higher regrettable turnover and hiring costs as a result.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Engaged employees are proven to be better at supporting and adapting to the needs to customers. Research has shown a strong relationship between employee satisfaction survey results and customer satisfaction and retention.

Organizations that invest in employee experience have happier more engaged employees who generate a happier and more engaged customer base.

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