Highlight Experience Hotspots

Leverage organizational network analysis to identify clusters of low or higher engagement and dive into underlying drivers.

Identify Connected Individuals

Use organizational network analysis to identify highly connected or isolated individuals and information brokers connecting large portions of the organization.

Connect Collaborative Silos

Highlight collaboration silos, isolated leaders and bottlenecks in process and information flow. Receive context specific recommendations on actions to maximize collaboration and information flow.

Visualize Collaborative Networks

Use our network analysis tool to visualize collaborative networks over email, calendar, project management and many more digital platforms.

Why employee experience?

Investing time in designing an exceptional employee experience can lead to a multitude of benefits.

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Engaged employees

Boost employee engagement and productivity.

Successful onboarding

Increase the chances of success for new hires.

Be an attractive employer

Create an organization people want to work in.

Retain top talent

Engage and retain your top talent.

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