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Worklytics ingests activity data from over 40 common productivity tools


A.I. is used to analyze work habits and model the outcomes they lead to

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Worklytics nudges leaders and recommends actions to drive positive behavioral change

Identify & track over 400 factors affecting Employee Experience


  • Manager interactions
  • Manager feedback
  • One-on-one frequency
  • Manager reports ratio
  • Manager engagement
  • Manager performance
  • Manager experience
  • Skip-level meetings
  • Leadership access
  • Team changes
  • Leadership changes

Employee Lifecycle

  • Employee tenure
  • Onboarding process
  • Networking ramp up
  • Productivity ramp up
  • Check-in meetings
  • Contact with mentors
  • Employee promotions
  • Carreer stagnation

Collaboration & Social Influence

  • Number of peers
  • Breadth of network
  • Frequency of peer contact
  • Isolation
  • External connections
  • Leadership connections
  • Number of reports
  • Connections with reports
  • Private vs public interactions

Compensation & Rewards

  • Time since bonus
  • Bonus percentile
  • Total package relative to peers
  • Time to vest
  • Additional benefit participation
  • LMS usage
  • Time to bonus period
  • Company performance

Work Engagement

  • Trends in communication
  • Frequency of emails
  • Total time in meetings
  • Time to external meetings
  • Travel time
  • Remote work
  • Remote conference time
  • Total focus time
  • Activity in documents
  • Development activity
  • Long term activity trends
  • Sales Targets / Completion


  • Access key meetings
  • Access to leadership
  • Involvement in projects
  • Number of connections

Other factors

  • Peer engagement level
  • Peer retention rate
  • Commute distance / time
  • Absenteeism
  • Survey results
  • Performance review results
  • Pulse results

Worklife balance

  • Overtime
  • After hours emails
  • Weekend work
  • Time since vacation
  • Work consistency

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