Quantify Experience

Worklytics uses exhaust data from the digital tools your organization uses to work and collaborate to passively analyze what it’s really like to work at various levels in your organization.

Highlight Hotspots

Our dashboards provide a real-time employee experience health score for every team, department, leader and group in your organization. This score is automatically determined by analyzing the culture and dynamics of every group and predicting their impact on long term employee satisfaction.

Identify Root Causes

Our algorithms automatically identify and highlight which factors in your organizations culture, team dynamics and leadership behavior lead to either greater or lower employee satisfaction in the long term.

Notify and Prompt Action

Our automated notifications prompt continuous improvement by nudging leaders to reinforce positive behaviors and intervene on factors known to lead to lower satisfaction.

Why employee experience?

Investing time in designing an exceptional employee experience can lead to a multitude of benefits.

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Engaged employees

Boost employee engagement and productivity.

Successful onboarding

Increase the chances of success for new hires.

Be an attractive employer

Create an organization people want to work in.

Retain top talent

Engage and retain your top talent.

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