Engineering Performance Reviews

Designing effective reviews for product development teams is a particularly challenging task. It entails providing actionable feedback to specialized roles, such as software engineers, UX/UI designers and product managers. Too often companies rely on the same generic review process for all employees. This is generally ineffective, as people in technical roles require in-depth feedback on […] Follow reading Engineering Performance Reviews

New Review Questions Engine

This month we are introducing a powerful new Questions Engine for Worklytics Reviews. As well as a complete redesign of the questions interface, we now support questions rules based on reviewer role. This new feature will allow you to customize review questions based on both the role of the person completing the review, as well […] Follow reading New Review Questions Engine

Automated Time Tracking

This month we’re introducing a series of improvements to Worklytics. The first is a complete redesign of our user profiles including a new beta feature– Automated Time Tracking. Want to get a sense of how you and your teams are spending time throughout the day? By automatically approximating the time taken for each activity, Worklytics […] Follow reading Automated Time Tracking

Is Email Productive?

Is your team’s email productive work or a waste of time? We’ve integrated GMail into Worklytics to help you find out. Once you connect GMail, you can do the following: Graph counts of emails sent by Team or Person, per week See average Recipients Emailed, split by Team or Person Who you email most is […] Follow reading Is Email Productive?

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