Automating Skills Assessment

Successful organizations are excellent at leveraging their internal talent. They work to apply the right set of employee skills to tackle every challenge. But to do this effectively, they need a solid understanding of the skills within their workforce. Keeping track of employee skills is particularly challenging in the information technology space. Ever changing job […] Follow reading Automating Skills Assessment

Example 360 Degree Review

One of the trickier parts of designing a 360 review process is coming up with good questions to prompt peers with. You want to ensure that you are asking questions at the right level of detail, providing reviewers with enough context, while not introducing any bias. You also want to strike the balance between questions […] Follow reading Example 360 Degree Review

Engineering Performance Reviews

Designing effective reviews for product development teams is a particularly challenging task. It entails providing actionable feedback to specialized roles, such as software engineers, UX/UI designers and product managers. Too often companies rely on the same generic review process for all employees. This is generally ineffective, as people in technical roles require in-depth feedback on […] Follow reading Engineering Performance Reviews

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