Taking Network Analysis Beyond Email

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is fast proving itself as an invaluable tool with a broad set of applications in people analytics, ranging from organizational design, to operational efficiency and change management. Data on employee relationships within an organization can provide rich insight into how teams and departments operate and share information. A large portion of […] Follow reading Taking Network Analysis Beyond Email

The Downside of Digital Transformation

Digital tools like email, calendars, messaging and ticket management systems have long promised great productivity gains. They automate tedious workflows and drive collaboration, by instantly connecting employees and information across an organization. It’s easy to understand why so much time and energy is invested in digital transformation. In practice, however, many organizations are not experiencing […] Follow reading The Downside of Digital Transformation

Activity Analytics: Is your company using time efficiently?

Time is an organization’s most precious resource. How people in your organization spend their time, working and collaborating, has a huge impact on your chances of success. Yet organizations continue to waste thousands of hours of peoples’ scarce time on unnecessary meetings, coordination and bureaucracy. Studies have found that mid-level managers spend up to 18 […] Follow reading Activity Analytics: Is your company using time efficiently?

Automating Skills Assessment

Successful organizations are excellent at leveraging their internal talent. They work to apply the right set of employee skills to tackle every challenge. But to do this effectively, they need a solid understanding of the skills within their workforce. Keeping track of employee skills is particularly challenging in the information technology space. Ever changing job […] Follow reading Automating Skills Assessment

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