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Our Mission

After having managed product and engineering teams in various tech startups, without the appropriate tools, we came to the conclusion that performance management was badly broken. We consistently found that time-consuming, manual performance evaluations, yielded shallow results and demotivated team members.
That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and build a performance management tool designed from the ground up for tech companies. Our goal is to make it effortless for busy teams and managers to understand how they are performing and use this information to learn and continuously improve themselves. Worklytics is the smarter approach to performance management.

Our Team

Erik Schultink

Erik Schultink

Erik was an early employee at Facebook, co-founder of Essembly (Causes) and most recently CTO at Tuenti, a leading Spanish social network and mobile operator, acquired by Telefonica in 2010. He has a degree in Computer Science with high honors from Harvard University.


Philip Arkcoll

Philip Arkcoll

Philip has run product at various startups, most recently as VP of Product at Tuenti, where he met Erik and Jose. He majored with honors in Business and Computer Science at the University of Cape Town.


Jose Lorenzo

Jose Lorenzo

Jose met Erik and Philip at Tuenti, were he recently was Engineering
Manager. Prior to that, he was head of engineering at idealista.com,
major real estate website in Spain. He has a degree in Computer
Science from Polytechnic University of Madrid


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