Putting People First

We believe that by putting people first technology can be used to create a better and more human work experience for everyone.

Our Mission

We believe in a future where artificial intelligence is used for the good of mankind. By putting people first, A.I. can become the engine that drives a more fulfilling and human experience at work for everyone.

Through applying advanced analysis techniques such as machine learning we can better understand the underlying cultural factors that lead to great experiences at work. Equipped with this knowledge, we will act as an ever-present guide, empowering individuals to continually improve the work experience for all. Thereby helping organizations to create and scale exceptional cultures that attract, develop, engage and retain the best talent.

Our Team

Phillip Arkcoll

Erik Schultink

Jose Lorenzo


Pioneer Fund
Bowery Capital
Funders Club

What people are saying about Worklytics

David Green


“…Worklytics is identifying great managers that are operating their teams smoothly, regularly hitting and surpassing targets and offering employees a great experience that helps them feel like they are growing.”

“The insights we receive from the tool through automated reports and survey feedback are invaluable. We highly recommend Worklytics if you care about your people.”

Clive Munro

CTO of Blue Robot

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